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MBA Master of Business Administration

Boost your career with our top-ranked and accredited MBA program.

The IFM MBA is a transformative experience and provides an array of skills ready to be transferred to multiple different areas of business. Our pioneering curriculum was designed by experts with the input of business leaders and companies, to give your career a real competitive edge.

MBA in International Business

This cutting-edge program is designed to provide you with the skills and mindsets to successfully work in international markets. This MBA provides an in-depth understanding of international business and management, to meet the major strategic challenges of global industries. Graduates go on to have amazing careers as managers in numerous industries including multinationals, consulting firms.

MBA in International Trading

Designed with industry experts, this program provides the opportunity to learn high-level management skills and provides you with essential knowledge to become a trader or a top manager. You learn how to conduct an efficient negotiation and improve your analytical skills. This MBA prepares students for amazing careers in trading companies, international companies, import-export, consulting firms, investment banks.

MBA in International Finance

This industry-relevant program prepares you to meet the challenges of the world of banking and finance. The financial market increasingly seeks individuals who not only have the best education in general management, a good understanding of business, but also in-depth knowledge of financial markets, financial products and investments. This MBA prepares for top managerial positions in banks, financial companies and multinationals.

MBA in Digital Transformation

This innovative program provides the students with the skills to understand opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in Business. This disruptive curriculum provides a modern vision of management, analyses new business models, the impact of technology. You will obtain high-level skills to think differently and develop new strategies. You will go on to become top managers, successful intrapreneurs or consultants


Among top 1% of Business Schools worldwide with triple accreditation


ranked among the best business schools - CEOWORLD Magazine 2019


Most Innovative Business School (CH) - Global Brands Magazine 

Top Tier

Ranked in the top tier one for global MBA programs - CEO Magazine 2019



work and are successful in
100 countries


find a job or a new job within 
6 months


are satisfied with their postgraduate studies

IFM unique Style

Our teaching style is unique and innovative. It combines academic excellence, practical skills, technology and employability. We bestow on you transferable skills and prepare you to use what you have learned in your enterprise. 

Business leaders’ input

Our cutting-edge curriculum is innovative and has been redesigned with input from CEOs, industry experts, managers and businesses. Our programs encompass all the key skills that modern businesses and employers now require. 

Excellent faculty

Courses are taught by renowned professors with excellent academic credentials. They benefit from real experience acquired as directors, managers or consultants in international companies..Our faculty also coaches you.

Employability focused

The courses improve your capacity for analysis, reflection, adaptability. They also develop your skills in leadership communication and collaboration. Our practical approach includes discussions, case studies, debates, presentations.

Plug into the business world

You may benefit from our widespread industry network. Business leaders and CEOs from the most famous companies come to IFM for conferences and discussions. Our company visits will help you understand real business practices.