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MBA Master of Business Administration

Triple accredited MBA programme. Discover our 3 master specialisations.

MBA in International Business

Full time, Part time, Executive

This cutting-edge MBA has been designed to provide students with the skills and mindsets to work within international markets. This MBA enables students to recognise and analyse the risks and opportunities inherent to doing business worldwide. Developed by professionals, this MBA is a combination of a top general MBA programme with a special focus on international aspects of business and management.

MBA in International Finance

Full time, Part time, Executive

The students of today need to adopt flexible patterns of thinking and behaviour to succeed in Finance. The financial market increasingly seeks individuals who not only have the best education in general management, but also a competitive understanding of financial markets, new financial products, risk control and the new financial architecture. Designed by professionals, this programme is versatile, dynamic, industry-relevant.

MBA in International Trading

Full time, Part time, Executive

Geneva is one of the leading cities in the world for commodity trading. This dynamic sector is constantly shifting due to geopolitical, economic or climate factors. Designed with industry experts, this MBA prepares you for the challenges and risk management inherent in the trading sector. The program gives you the opportunity to learn high level management skills to become a top manager or a successful trader.



succeed every day in
100 countries


find a job or a new job within 
6 months


for a World class degree

IFM Teaching Style

At IFM, we develop innovative and efficient teaching methods. The curriculum has been designed to give you real-life business skills by using current industry examples, case studies, simulations and teamwork.

Business leaders’ input

Our cutting-edge curriculum has been redesigned with business leaders’ input and developed alongside industry experts. IFM programmes provide you with the skills that employers want. 

Excellent faculty

Courses are taught by renowned professors with excellent academic credentials. They also benefit from real business experience acquired as managers, entrepreneurs or consultants in international companies.

Employability focused

Our MBA develops hard & soft skills, We train our MBA students to become outstanding communicators, negotiators and innovators who can efficiently manage change while showing real leadership skills.

Plug into the business world

You may benefit from our widespread industry network. Experts and managers from the most famous companies come to IFM for discus-sions. Our company visits will help you understand real business practices.