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Ranked in the top 10
for best quality of life

 Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland !


Quality of life

Quality of life is exceptional

• 1st for quality of life offered to expatriate
• 1st international city in the world
• Top "10" for quality of life in the world
• Top "10" greenest cities in the world



Switzerland stands at the top

• 1st for economy
• 1st for banking and finance
• 1st in Europe for start-ups
• 1st for competitiveness


Education & innovation

Switzerland is recognized for high quality

• 1st for education in the world (WEF)
• 1st for innovation in the world
• 1st cluster for life sciences research
• 1st per capita number of Nobel Prizes


Culture, sports, events

Geneva is a fascinating city

• 50,000 events / year
• Fantastic location in the heart of Europe
• Less than one hour from ski resorts
• Biggest lake in Europe