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Why choose IFM

A business school that prepares
for career success

Renowned Business School
established since 1971

Established in 1971, IFM University – Institute of Finance and Management is a triple accredited business school located in Geneva, Switzerland. At IFM, we know how to help you reach your goals and achieve a successful career. We benefit from nearly half a century of experience in training industry leaders, an outstanding business expertise with a focus on your employability.   > about us 

Academic excellence recognized by 3 accreditations

At IFM, we are recognised for excellence in business education and we are fully accredited by 3 major accreditation bodies. Our triple accreditation puts us in the top "10" business schools in Switzerland and in the 1% world wide. IFM is a recognised member of prestigious educational organisations. IFM also benefits from a solid reputation among recruiters.
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Degrees designed with business leaders’ input

Our cutting-edge curriculum has been redesigned with business leaders’ input and developed alongside industry experts to give your career a competitive edge. IFM programmes provide you with a global business perspective and give you the skills that employers want. Our syllabi are regularly reviewed to give you up-to-date business practices.  
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Faculty with real business experience

Courses are taught by renowned professors with excellent academic credentials. They also benefit from practical experience acquired as managers, entrepreneurs or consultants. Our highly committed team knows how to impart motivation and positive energy. Our faculty bridge the gap between the academic and business worlds.
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IFM's unique teaching style

Our passion for innovation is reflected in our unique teaching style, which combines academic excellence, practical skills and real-world relevance. The curriculum has been designed to offer dynamic learning. It gives you real-life business skills by using current industry examples, case studies, business simulations, debates, and teamwork.

Focus on student employability

IFM degrees expose you to real-world business practices. Our degrees provide you with vital knowledge and technical skills, but also help you develop soft skills involving human interactions, communication, and leadership thanks to discussions, business projects and group work. We train our students to become outstanding communicators, negotiators and innovators. 

Real business exposure

We plug you into the business world and you may benefit from our widespread industry network. CEOs and managers from the most famous and biggest companies come regularly to IFM for presentations or discussions. While introducing you to numerous career opportunities, our company and factory visit program, helps you understand real business practices. 
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Preparing for your career

At IFM, we help you achieve your personal aspirations and career goals. Our career workshops help you secure future employment. We also give you personalised advice. Our graduates hold key roles in industries and organisations in some of the world’s most acclaimed companies. We have an excellent employment record. 
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