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Graduation Ceremony

On June 28th 2019, our talented students graduated with their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from IFM University.  

We had the privilege of celebrating our students’ achievements at the stunning Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva. This spectacular ceremony saw our students, their friends and families, come together to celebrate success and new beginnings. This special occasion was also a time for our students to reflect on their academic journey, touching moments, share their ambitions and dreams for the future. 

We are extremely proud of what our graduates have accomplished as a result of studying at IFM, where they first had the opportunity to develop their confidence, deepen their academic knowledge and develop the skills they need today to become the successful leaders of tomorrow’s business world. 

As their Alma Mater, we very much look forward to seeing how they fulfill their potential as leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in the coming years.

Graduation photos are posted : gallery link sent to graduates.



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